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Keywords beginning with T

On this page you find all our encyclopedia articles on keywords beginning with "T". Indented lines indicate articles on related topics. Further below, you find the acronyms.

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t-waves → terahertz radiation

tandem OPOs → optical parametric oscillators

tapered amplifiers

tapered fibers

Case study: light propagation in a tapered fiber

tapered laser diodes

telecentric lenses

telecom fibers

telecom windows → optical fiber communications

telecommunications → optical data transmission


TEM modes → resonator modes

temperature phase matching → noncritical phase matching

temperature sensors → optical temperature sensors

temperature-stabilized ovens → crystal ovens

temporal coherence → coherence

temporal walk-off

terahertz detectors

terahertz radiation

terahertz sources

terahertz spectroscopy → optical sampling

thermal depolarization → depolarization loss

thermal detectors

thermal imaging

thermal lensing

Spotlight 2018-07-16: Thoughts on thermal lensing

Spotlight 2007-07-25: Higher heat generation density, stronger thermal effects?

Spotlight 2007-01-15: Origins of heating in laser crystals

Spotlight 2006-07-10: Strength of thermal lensing effects

How to treat thermal lensing in simulations

thermal power meters → optical power meters

thermal radiation

thin-disk lasers

Spotlight 2011-12-23: mode-locked thin-disk laser

thin-film coatings → dielectric coatings

thin-film mirrors → dielectric mirrors

thin-film polarizers

Case study: thin-film plate polarizer

third-harmonic generation → frequency tripling

third-order dispersion

three-level gain media → four-level and three-level gain media

threshold pump power

thresholdless lasers

thulium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

tilt of pulse fronts → pulse front tilt

time–bandwidth product

time division multiplexing

time domain spectroscopy → Fourier transform spectroscopy

time-of-flight measurements

time-resolved spectroscopy

timing jitter

Spotlight 2009-08-22: Jitter and phase noise of mode-docked fiber lasers

timing noise → timing jitter

timing phase

timing synchronization → synchronization of lasers

titanium–sapphire lasers

tolerances for fiber coupling → fiber joints

top-hat beams → flat-top beams

total internal reflection

transform limit

Spotlight 2008-06-13: Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the transform limit

transient absorption spectroscopy → time-resolved spectroscopy

transition cross sections

Spotlight 2014-04-02: Lower emission cross-section leads to higher pulse energy?!?

transition-metal-doped gain media

transitions → laser transitions

transmission gratings → diffraction gratings

transmission loss → insertion loss



transparency intensity → four-level and three-level gain media

transversal filters → electronic dispersion compensation

transverse modes → higher-order modes

traveling-wave photodetectors → velocity-matched photodetectors


trihedral prisms → corner cube prisms

tunable lasers

tunable light sources → wavelength-tunable light sources

tunable optical filters

tunable retarders → Babinet–Soleil compensators

tungstate lasers

tuning fork choppers → optical choppers

tunneling modes → leaky modes

tweezers → optical tweezers

twisted-mode technique

two-mirror beam shapers → beam shapers

two-photon absorption

two-photon microscopy → fluorescence microscopy

Twyman–Green interferometers

type I or type II phase matching → phase matching

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