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Keywords beginning with U

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "U". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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Ulbricht spheres → integrating spheres

ultrafast amplifiers

ultrafast amplifiers: Pulse amplification in the steady state

ultrafast diode lasers → mode-locked diode lasers

ultrafast fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers

ultrafast laser physics

ultrafast lasers

ultrafast lasers: Solid state lasers for ultrashort pulses – a diverse family

ultrafast lasers: Spotlight 2010-03-22: All-in-one concepts versus modular concepts

ultrafast optics

ultrafast pulse shapers → pulse shapers

ultrafast spectroscopy → time-resolved spectroscopy

ultrashort pulse amplifiers: Tutorial chapter on fiber amplifiers for ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulse amplifiers: Case study: parabolic pulses in a fiber amplifier

ultrashort pulse generation → ultrafast lasers

ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulses: Tutorial chapter on ultrashort pulse propagation in optical fibers

ultrashort pulses: Tutorial chapter on fiber amplifiers for ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulses: Tutorial chapter on modeling ultrashort pulse propagation

ultrashort pulses: Tutorial on modeling of pulse amplification

ultrashort pulses: Spotlight 2017-10-03: Importance of spectral wings on the pulse duration

ultrashort pulses: Spotlight 2009-05-13: The minimum time–bandwidth product

ultrashort pulses: Spotlight 2008-02-03: Quantifying the chirp of ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulses: Spotlight 2006-09-22: Coherence length of ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulses: Numerical representation of ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulses: Ultrashort pulse simulations with the RP Fiber Power software

ultraviolet absorption → absorption

ultraviolet lasers

ultraviolet lasers: Spotlight 2016-10-27: Challenges for nonlinear frequency conversion in extreme wavelength regions

ultraviolet light

ultraviolet optics

uncertainty principle: Spotlight 2008-06-13: Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the transform limit

unchirped pulses → chirp

unidirectional ring lasers → ring lasers

unstable resonators


upconversion lasers

upconversion lasers: Case study: thulium-doped blue upconversion laser

upconversion quenching → quenching

upper-state lifetime

upper-state lifetime: Spotlight 2009-09-27: Lasers with short upper-state lifetime

uses of lasers → laser applications

UV-enhanced aluminum mirrors → first surface mirrors

Acronyms with U

UV optics = ultraviolet optics

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