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Keywords beginning with U

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "U". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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Ulbricht spheres → integrating spheres

ultrafast amplifiers

ultrafast amplifiers:
Pulse amplification in the steady state

ultrafast diode lasers → mode-locked diode lasers

ultrafast fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers

ultrafast laser physics

ultrafast lasers

ultrafast lasers:
Solid state lasers for ultrashort pulses – a diverse family
Spotlight 2010-03-22: All-in-one concepts versus modular concepts

ultrafast optics

ultrafast pulse shapers → pulse shapers

ultrafast spectroscopy → time-resolved spectroscopy

ultrashort pulse amplifiers:
Case study: parabolic pulses in a fiber amplifier
Tutorial chapter on fiber amplifiers for ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulse generation → ultrafast lasers

ultrashort pulses

ultrashort pulses:
Numerical representation of ultrashort pulses
Spotlight 2006-09-22: Coherence length of ultrashort pulses
Spotlight 2008-02-03: Quantifying the chirp of ultrashort pulses
Spotlight 2009-05-13: The minimum time–bandwidth product
Spotlight 2017-10-03: Importance of spectral wings on the pulse duration
Tutorial chapter on fiber amplifiers for ultrashort pulses
Tutorial chapter on modeling ultrashort pulse propagation
Tutorial chapter on ultrashort pulse propagation in optical fibers
Tutorial on Modeling of Pulse Amplification
Ultrashort pulse simulations with the RP Fiber Power software

ultraviolet absorption → absorption

ultraviolet lasers

ultraviolet lasers:
Spotlight 2016-10-27: Challenges for nonlinear frequency conversion in extreme wavelength regions

ultraviolet light

ultraviolet optics

uncertainty principle:
Spotlight 2008-06-13: Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the transform limit

unchirped pulses → chirp

unidirectional ring lasers → ring lasers

unstable resonators


upconversion lasers

upconversion lasers:
Case study: thulium-doped blue upconversion laser

upconversion quenching → quenching

upper-state lifetime

upper-state lifetime:
Spotlight 2009-09-27: Lasers with short upper-state lifetime

uses of lasers → laser applications

UV-enhanced aluminum mirrors → first surface mirrors

Acronyms beginning with U

UV optics = ultraviolet optics

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