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Keywords beginning with V

On this page you find all our encyclopedia articles on keywords beginning with "V". Indented lines indicate articles on related topics. Further below, you find the acronyms.

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V coatings → anti-reflection coatings

V number

vacuum noise

Spotlight 2006-08-01: Lasers disturbed by vacuum?

vacuum tube photodetectors → phototubes

vacuum velocity of light → velocity of light

vacuum wavelength → wavelength

vanadate lasers

Spotlight 2006-11-04: Nd:YVO4 laser with polarization-independent pump absorption

vapor deposition methods → fiber fabrication

variable optical attenuators → optical attenuators

velocity-matched photodetectors

velocity of light

vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers

vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers

vibronic lasers

violet lasers → blue lasers

visible lasers

volume Bragg gratings

Acronyms beginning with V

VAD = vapor phase axial deposition → fiber fabrication

VCSEL = vertical cavity surface-emitting laser

VECSEL = vertical external-cavity surface-emitting laser

VOA = variable optical attenuator

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