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Keywords beginning with W

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "W". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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waist radius → beam waist

walk-off angle → spatial walk-off

walk-off compensation → spatial walk-off

wall-plug efficiency

wave breaking → nonlinear pulse distortion

wave optics

wave optics: Spotlight 2009-05-22: Interference effects with imbalanced intensity levels

wave vector

wavefront corrections → adaptive optics

wavefront distortions → beam quality


waveguide dispersion

waveguide lasers

waveguide modes → modes


waveguides: Tutorial chapter on guided light


wavelength: Wavelength or optical frequency - what is the better specification?

wavelength: At which wavelength will a laser emit?

wavelength beam combining → spectral beam combining

wavelength calibration lamps → spectral lamps

wavelength division multiplexing

wavelength meters → wavemeters

wavelength tuning

wavelength tuning: Spotlight 2009-12-08: Increased output power of a laser with forced tuning

wavelength tuning: Spotlight 2008-10-03: Wavelength-tunable lasers: does the tuner degrade the power efficiency?

wavelength-stabilized lasers → frequency-stabilized lasers

wavelength-swept lasers

wavelength-tunable lasers → tunable lasers

wavelength-tunable light sources




weakly allowed transitions → forbidden transitions

wedge prisms

welding heads → laser processing heads

White cells → multipass gas cells

white light

white light interferometers

white light sources

Wiener–Khinchin theorem → power spectral density

wire grid polarizers → polarizers

working distance

Acronyms with W

WDM = wavelength division multiplexing

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