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The RP Photonics Exhibition

Use this virtual exhibition similar to a real one – for exploring what's going on in the industry. It contains all suppliers listed in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, but you can select a certain product category in order to see only those suppliers with products in that category. Further down, you find additional explanations.

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A Virtual Exhibition

This virtual exhibition is a further expansion of the already leading digital photonics marketplace. It complements the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide.

Hints for Users

Similar to a real exhibition, this invites you to “walk around” and explore what is going on in this industry:

  • Move around: for shifting the displayed area, use the arrow buttons or drag with the mouse. For magnifying your view of the hall, use the zoom buttons or the mouse wheel (not working in Microsoft Edge, unfortunately).
  • Get additional information: by clicking on a virtual booth, you obtain additional information on the supplier. From there, you can also go to their company profile page in the buyer's guide, which gives you comprehensive information, or visit their website.
  • Product categories: if you are interested in a certain product category, you can get to an exhibition hall containing only those suppliers who have at least one product in that category. Many suppliers have a booth in more than two categories.
  • Search functions: you can select a particular product or enter part of the company name in order to mark the booths of companies matching those criteria.
  • Take a flight: use the play button to get a flight over the exhibition floor.

Advertising of Products

  • Who can participate: all suppliers listed in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide – even with free entries only – are represented.
  • Stand out with our advertising package: Suppliers having our ad package stand out with a substantially better equipped virtual booth, showing their company logo and some random selection of images, mostly product images. They can also supply alternative images for use in the exhibition, and publish short company or product news items for display in the above mentioned info box and on their company profile. (See also the company news page for longer press releases.)
  • Events: we are considering to organize special events where more direct personal interactions become possible.

Use the opportunity to benefit your business: