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Field Guide to Optical Fiber Technology

RP Photonics published the “SPIE Field Guide to Optical Fiber Technology”. This handy book (spiral bound, 128 pages), provides an introduction into optical fibers made from various materials, and it also treats fiber nonlinearities, photonic crystal fibers, large mode area fibers, passive fiber-optic components, and active fiber devices (fiber lasers and amplifiers).

This Field Guide can be purchased on the SPIE website and is also available in the SPIE Digital Library.


SPIE Field Guide to Optical Fiber Technology
  • basics of fibers
  • nonlinear effects in fibers
  • passive fibers for data transmission
  • photonic crystal fibers
  • large mode area fibers
  • using passive optical fibers
  • passive fiber-optic components
  • active fiber devices

You can order this Field Guide on the SPIE website. You will also find it at the SPIE booth during various conferences and exhibitions.

See also our free tutorial "Passive Fiber Optics"! This explains many aspects of fiber optics based on interesting simulations.