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RP Fiber Calculator is a convenient tool for calculations on optical fibers.
RP Fiber Power is an extremely flexible tool for designing and optimizing fiber devices.
RP Resonator is a particularly flexible tool for laser resonator design.
RP ProPulse can simulate the pulse evolution e.g. in mode-locked lasers and sync-pumped OPOs.
RP Coating is a particularly flexible design tool for dielectric multilayer systems.
RP Q-switch can simulate the power evolution in Q-switched lasers.
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RP Fiber Power – Simulation and Design Software
for Fiber Optics, Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers

Data for Active Fibers

The software RP Fiber Power comes with data for a variety of rare-earth-doped fibers. These data include spectroscopic information (transition cross sections, upper-state lifetime, doping concentration) as well as details of the waveguide structure (core size, effective mode area, propagation losses, etc.). Having such data, you can immediately start to simulate the performance of fiber amplifiers and lasers.

Various Data from Publicly Available Sources

The following data from publicly available sources are currently delivered with RP Fiber Power:

Data from Fiber Manufacturers

RP Photonics is currently establishing a cooperation with various manufacturers for rare-earth-doped fibers. Essentially, this means

Obviously, this will be of great help for the software users: they can simulate the possible performance with such fibers, without having to deal themselves with the problem of obtaining the data.

So far, the following data are officially available:

CorActive logo CorActive offers a variety of active fibers, including single-clad and large mode area double-clad fibers doped with ytterbium, erbium, erbium/ytterbium, neodymium, thulium or samarium. So far, data for various ytterbium-doped fibers are available; others will follow.
CorActive logo iXFiber offers various active fibers, including single-clad and large mode area double-clad fibers doped with ytterbium, erbium, erbium/ytterbium, neodymium or thulium. Currently, data for various ytterbium-doped fibers are in preparation; others will follow.
NKT Photonics logo NKT Photonics offers a variety of photonic crystal fibers, including ytterbium-doped double-clad versions and double-clad rod fibers with extremely large mode areas. Currently, we are preparing data sets for a number of these fibers.
nlight logo nLight offers erbium-doped and ytterbium-doped fibers, both single-mode and double-clad versions. Currently, data for various fibers are in preparation.

Customers already having a software user license can obtain new and updated data via a download.

Note: Within the technical support, we can provide you with any data files for fibers from additional suppliers, as far as these data are made available by the suppliers. For example, Nufern has published data on many fibers, and we can process these.