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RP Fiber Power – Simulation and Design Software
for Fiber Optics, Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers


RP Fiber Power can be used for may purposes. Some examples:

Note that even in apparently simple cases, such as ytterbium-doped fiber amplifiers, one can easily overlook essential details such as effects of pump saturation and reabsorption of signals and ASE. Only by using a comprehensive physical model it is possible to obtain a reliable understanding and thus to reach designs with optimum performance in a fast and efficient manner.

Among the frequently asked questions, there are also some concerning the detailed application area of the software.

Target Groups

RP Fiber Power is very suitable for the following institutions:

In any case, RP Fiber Power will give you a substantial competitive advantage, as your work will be more effective and efficient: you will have the means to find out quickly and reliably what your device performance could or should be and how to optimize it.

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