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Gain Equalization

Definition: a technique for making the gain spectrum of an optical amplifier device flatter over a certain optical frequency range

Alternative term: gain flattening

Category: optical amplifiers

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The optical gain e.g. from a fiber amplifier has some dependence on the wavelength, which can be disturbing. For example, in optical fiber communications with wavelength division multiplexing, the wavelength dependence of the gain can unbalance the powers in the transmitted channels. Therefore, it is common to apply methods for gain equalization, also called gain flattening. There are various technological options:

The optimization of a multi-stage amplifier with flattening filters is a complex task, since it is not obvious, e.g., which combination of amplifiers and filters gives the best results in terms of noise figure and power efficiency. A typical solution for a two-stage amplifier based on doped silica fibers would include an optical filter between the two stages.

The gain spectrum of a Raman amplifier can be flattened by using multiple pump beams [7] with well-balanced pump power levels.


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