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Laser Diode Modules

Definition: modules containing diode lasers, and possibly also some optics, cooling devices, electrical elements, etc.

German: Laserdiodenmodule

Categories: photonic devices, lasers

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Laser diodes are often used in the form of laser diode modules, i.e. packages which contain one or several laser diodes, in most cases combined with some optics and electronics. Such modules are much easier to use than plain laser diodes, as they serve a number of functions:

Applications of laser diode modules include precise pointing and alignment of optical elements, printing and imaging systems, displays, bar code scanning, optical data storage, optical sensors, pumping of solid-state lasers, open air communication, and medical applications (e.g. photodynamic therapy, ophthalmology).

There are also laser pointers, which can be considered as laser diode modules with integrated batteries, normally used as hand-held devices.


The RP Photonics Buyer's Guide contains 89 suppliers for laser diode modules. Among them:

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