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Here you learn about the unique digital resources of RP Photonics, which can be made to work for your marketing. If you know that already, you may directly want to read about free and enhanced buyer's guide entries or about the detailed features of our our advertising package.

What is RP Photonics?

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

RP Photonics has been founded by RP = Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta in 2004. It is an internationally active photonics company, offering

RP Photonics is famous for its extremely popular photonics website – in particular for the RP Photonics Encyclopedia, which has be authored to 100% by Dr. Paschotta.

Note: Do not confuse RP Photonics (domain with Photonics Media (domain, a US company which is also active in photonics marketing. They are strong in print advertising (which we do not offer) based on their well established trade journals, while we have the strongest digital marketing offers for generating sales leads for photonics products.

Why advertise with RP Photonics?

RP Photonics offers the best solutions for online marketing of photonics products such as optical components and systems, laser sources and amplifier systems, optoelectronic devices, light sources, optical materials and photonics applications:

By working with our buyer's guide you can generate more sales leads for your company than with any other photonics website.

You can understand how RP Photonics can do that:

1. RP Photonics offers the industry-leading photonics website:

Our unique information resource if of enormous value for anyone working in photonics – and totally for free for the users!

2. Your target audience is there:

3. We have a well working concept:

  • We understand precisely how our buyer's guide works for its users.
  • Based on that, we have developed a proven digital marketing concept which lets that resource work for our advertising customers. You just need to use our ad package.
  • The most crucial aspect: users confronted with a huge number of suppliers need to produce a short list for closer inspection. For that, they primarily use product information, which can be presented only by those using our ad package. The much improved chance to survive the pre-selection means correspondingly more sales leads.

Other marketing concepts, primarily based on yellow-pages effects, cannot nearly work as well.

4. We consistently deliver:

  • many more referrals to your website than from other buyer's guides
    or in fact any other photonics website
    effective lead generation (learn how to measure referral traffic)
  • high quality of traffic, since our resource is used by experts
  • better value for your money
  • excellent service: get your ads installed easily
  • also giving you valuable advice
  • honest and trustworthy throughout the entire process

Many companies of all sizes are working effectively with us and are happy to renew the ad package every year. They have learned that here you get a better deal than anywhere else.

How to make this work for you?

It's simple: upgrade your buyer's guide entry with our ad package, so that it will send far more people to your website, and thus contribute to the generation of sales leads and to the growth of your sales and revenue. Many great features are included for strengthening your position in the photonics market.

The key feature is that you can publish your product descriptions in the lists of suppliers (also on your company profile page and even in encyclopedia articles). With those, you help users when the determine which suppliers have suitable products for them; those suppliers will then get a closer look, starting with a visit to their website.

Move forward for the benefit of your company:

Video Explaining Digital Marketing with RP Photonics

This video explains how your digital marketing becomes effective: by choosing the right platform and using the right type of advertisement. The crucial point is to realize what users of a buyer's guide need, and to present exactly that information at the right place.


For regular updates on the activities around the encyclopedia and buyer's guide, follow our LinkedIn showcase page on Encyclopedia & Buyer's Guide.

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Rüdiger Paschotta

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