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Advertising Banners

What are banners good for?

Banners may not be particularly effective for advertising a particular product – for that, we recommend buyer's guide entries and special promotions. However, banners can absolutely make sense for certain purposes. Some examples:

Generally, banners can be used to address people who were not just searching for that information. Of course, that makes sense only on a suitable website, which your target audience uses. If you want to reach people working in photonics, this here is the best place.

By the way, one banner is included in our ad package. Banners are available not only for suppliers with an ad package.

What audience can you reach here?

The Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology with its over 650 articles has a high reputation for its excellent scientific and technical content. It is used by thousands of technical and scientific experts. Well over 50,000 unique visitors per month are a testimonial!

What is the banner format?

Our banner format is very large: the width is fixed at 234 px, and the height can be up to 600 px. That is a kind of extra-broad skyscraper banner format. Only one such banner is displayed on a particular page (on the right side).

If the browser window gets too narrow (e.g. on a smartphone), the banner will be hidden to ensure good readability of the page.

On which pages is your banner displayed?

Your banners can be displayed on many pages:

You can have your banner displayed on all those pages with a certain display probability, but you can also choose different probabilities for the different types of pages, or even modify the display probability based on criteria for the filenames. (For example, you could increase the display probability for all pages where the filename contains the keyword “laser”.)

In addition, you can have the banner displayed only to visitors from certain countries or continents (geo-targeting). That makes sense, for example, if you are selling only in the United States or only in Europe.

Note that these banners appear in an environment which is packed with high-quality content rather than primarily with advertising. Also, note that the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology has a very high reputation, and is used by thousands of technical and scientific experts.

Therefore, the banners have a high value in terms of quantity and quality, and are ideally complementing your entries in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide.

What are the artwork requirements?

Help for assembling the banner from some logo, text and URL, for example, is included in the price. You may like this if you cannot provide a suitable complete banner image file.

What is the cost?

The cost of your campaign will depend on various factors:

Just tell us what you need, and we will send you a quotation.

We are confident that you will find out: your advertising money is best spent on our website! RP Photonics has the reputation to work in a very honest way, and we will surely keep it like that.

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