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Over 100 Advertisers in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

There are already over 100 photonics suppliers using our advertising package in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide – companies of any size from very small to big. The interest has recently increased a lot; I clearly felt that e.g. when talking to various people during the laser exhibition in Munich (end of April), and quite a few have started recently.

It is not difficult to understand the reasons:

  • Although the coronavirus crisis is currently better under control (except in China), exhibitions still do not work that well. For example, the Munich exhibition came without the laser congress this time, so that scientists were largely missing among the visitors of the exhibition. Note that although the coronavirus situation would clearly have allowed to have the congress, the uncertainties many months ahead were apparently to severe to start the organization of the event. Such uncertainties must be expected to remain in the coming years; clearly, the viruses will not go away, and it is impossible to predict how they will evolve.
  • For such reasons, digital marketing becomes more important than it has ever been.
  • Marketing specialists more and more recognize that our offer absolutely stands out, basically because we are the only ones having a famous encyclopedia connected with our buyer's guide. And that is key for getting a huge audience for our resource.

Of course, our growth is also supported by the fact that our offer is so sticky: those starting a 6-months test, for example, nearly always happily prolong for the next 12 months afterwards, and keep doing so every year. They just see very clearly that they couldn't find anything comparably effective for the digital marketing of photonics products.

It is just a pity that still many are throwing their marketing money in the same direction every year, apparently without ever checking whether it works for them – for example, by measuring the referral traffic. Often, they could get an order of magnitude more from us without paying more.

If you want to start, you still have the chance to secure the 25% coronavirus crisis discount for a 6-month test. Don't worry if the time is too short to get the entries installed until tomorrow; if you just decide until then and we can get things installed within the next few weeks, it will all be fine. And don't worry about the time required, since you will get very diligent and helpful support.

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