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Writing and Review Services

RP Photonics offers competent technical writing services for the marketing of products in the area of photonics.

We offer to create various kinds of documents as described below, or to review existing documents. The goal is to make your advertising materials fully convincing and effective. To that end, various aspects have to be considered – not only that the materials are technically sound, but also that they properly address the needs of the targeted audience.

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta has a thorough understanding of how to publish convincing technical and scientific materials. His experience includes clear structuring of information, extracting points of highest importance, and explaining complicated details in an understandable way. Also, keep in mind that already just by applying a fresh look from a different perspective, one can often broaden the viewpoint in order to subsequently increase the effectiveness of advertising materials.

Advertising Materials

For the marketing of photonics products, a wide range of documents is needed – for example:

  • catalogs
  • brochures
  • data sheets
  • text and visuals on web pages

Those documents may contain descriptions of products or a whole product portfolio, including both technical specifications and explanations of their use, and their specific advantages.

Such advertising materials must make a good optical impression, but also must be able to stand the test for the soundness of all technical details.

Other Documents

You may also want help for producing or improving other types of important documents:

  • user manuals e.g. for lasers
  • research proposals, grant applications etc.
  • business plans (e.g. for gaining venture capital)

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