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Pulse Repetition Rate

Acronym: PRF

Definition: the number of pulses emitted per second e.g. by a mode-locked or Q-switched laser

Alternative term: pulse repetition frequency

German: Pulsrepetitionsrate

Categories: optical metrology, light pulses

Formula symbol: frep

Units: Hz

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The pulse repetition rate (or pulse repetition frequency) frep of a regular train of pulses is defined as the number of emitted pulses per second, or the inverse temporal pulse spacing.

Depending on the technique of pulse generation, typical pulse repetition rates can be in different parameter regions:

If a pulse train is regular and the pulses are mutually coherent, the optical spectrum of the pulse train is a frequency comb, where the spacing of the lines is determined by the pulse repetition rate.

The deviation from perfect periodicity of the optical power is called timing jitter.

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