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Questions and Comments

The RP Photonics website presents a wealth of high-quality technical and scientific information on photonics. We also welcome your questions and comments.

After each encyclopedia or blog article, you find the section “Questions and Comments from Users” with a form. Previously accepted contributions are also displayed there.

This is the input form.

We are happy to get your anonymous inputs. If you wish a personal response, please contact us e.g. by e-mail (see the contact page).

Acceptance Criteria

Of course, the author of the RP Photonics Encyclopedia cannot answer all questions formulated worldwide. However, those questions and comments have a fair chance of being answered which fulfill the following criteria:

  • It must be something of broad interest which is therefore useful for others: e.g. questions on fundamental aspects, not on specific apparatuses.
  • It must fit to the topical area of the encyclopedia.
  • It should be brief – please no expanded deliberations.
  • The work for answering must be limited, not requiring extensive investigations. (Otherwise, it may be a case for consultancy!)
  • It should not serve as hidden advertising for certain products, brands or institutions.
  • The text should not contain personal data. (We would remove those before publication.)

In short: good questions and comments are welcome. But even some “dumb” question can be useful: it can lead to clarifications.

The author reserves the right to publish questions and comments in a shortened or otherwise modified form (e.g. for better clarity). It may also happen that they “only” result in improvements of the article.

Note: due to high workload, it can currently take longer for a question to be addressed.

Please understand that the author, working quite heavily, is not prepared to discuss acceptance of particular contributions. If you don't get an input accepted, maybe you will find a better question!

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