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RP Fiber Calculator is a convenient tool for calculations on optical fibers.
RP Fiber Power is an extremely flexible tool for designing and optimizing fiber devices.
RP Resonator is a particularly flexible tool for laser resonator design.
RP ProPulse can simulate the pulse evolution e.g. in mode-locked lasers and sync-pumped OPOs.
RP Coating is a particularly flexible design tool for dielectric multilayer systems.
RP Q-switch can simulate the power evolution in Q-switched lasers.
Most of our software products support a powerful script language, which gives you an extraordinary degree of flexibility.
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RP Resonator – Advanced Software for
Laser Resonator Design and Optimization

The Script Language

RP Resonator can be controlled with a very powerful script language. Each input script contains everything from the definition of a resonator to the calculations to be made and the resulting graphics. (Of course, you can store frequently used script parts in external files and easily call them in your main script.)

Since V3, one can even define a custom form in a script (see below). This feature allows one to combine the enormous flexibility of the script language with the nice handling of forms for input and output of data.

Some code snippets show you that the script language is easy to use. The first example shows how a simple resonator is defined:

F_cr := 0.3  { diopters of the laser crystal }
resonator: standing-wave
* mirror (M1): R = 500 mm
* air: d = 100 mm
* lens (Crystal): f = if F_cr <> 0 then 1 / F_cr
* air: d = 200 mm
* mirror (M2): R = 0 { no curvature }
resonator end

Here, the arm lengths are simply defined with numerical values, but the dioptric power of the laser crystal is given as a parameter which can be varied, for example, in graphics.

The second example shows you how to display calculated mode radii, well formatted with 3 valid digits and units of meters:

show "w at M1:       ", w(zm[M1],lambda_ref):d3:"m"
show "w at Crystal:  ", w(zm[Crystal],lambda_ref):d3:"m"
show "w at M2:       ", w(zm[M2],lambda_ref):d3:"m"

Finally, we define graphical output, showing the beam radius vs. position:

diagram 1:
"Beam Radius vs. Position"
x: 0, L_res / cm
"z position (cm)", @x
y: 0, 800
f: w(x * cm,lambda_ref) / um, "w(z) (┬Ám)", color = blue, width = 3

You will soon appreciate the manifold advantages of the scripting approach:

The Input Wizards Form

Particularly beginners might be concerned about the need to learn the script language. However, the input wizards form makes it very easy to get started. Just type numbers or even mathematical expressions into the form fields, and you instantly see the corresponding script code being generated.

input wizards form for generating script commands in RP Resonator

Custom Forms

Since V3, RP Resonator offers forms which can be tailored to your specialized needs. Such a form can be defined within a script – by yourself, if you like, or we do it for you within the technical support.

custom form for focusing of a laser beam

See a separate page which explains custom forms in detail.

Graphical Output

Your script can define one or many different types of diagrams for visualizing the results of the calculations. Examples are shown on the pages for various example cases. Each diagram is shown in a separate window, which also allows you to measure positions using one or two cursors, save the graphics in GIF or PNG format, and to copy the graphics to the Windows clipboard. Below you see an example of such a graphics window, showing the beam radius vs. position within a resonator.

a graphics window of RP Resonator

Code Snippets Library

In order to further assist the user in the development of scripts, the code snippets library has been introduced. This provides a variety of code snippets for different purposes. One can quickly insert such a snippet into the code editor and then adapt it to the particular application. This is more convenient than searching for suitable snippets in the demo files or the documentation.

The user can easily create own code snippets as an extension for that library.

code snippets library

Comprehensive Documentation

RP Resonator comes with very well worked out documentation, which allows you to have a quick start and work efficiently even when doing sophisticated modeling:

  • There is a manual in PDF format, explaining in detail (on about 40 pages) the principles of the physical model, the user interface, the script language, etc.
  • The context-sensitive online help function is even more comprehensive. See the screen shot below to get an impression.
online help of RP Resonator

Technical Support

Any remaining problems can be addressed with the technical support. We make sure that any problems you may have will soon be solved.