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RP Resonator – Advanced Software for Laser Resonator Design and Optimization

What the Software Does

RP Resonator can calculate properties of optical resonators. More specifically, the software calculates beam radii, the sensitivity of the resonator modes e.g. to thermal lensing and misalignment, dispersion from geometric effects, Gouy phase shifts, frequency degeneracies of resonator modes, etc. Results can be displayed graphically, and sophisticated optimizations are possible.

More details are given on the page describing the underlying physical model. The software runs on an ordinary PC under Microsoft Windows.


RP Resonator can be used for various purposes:

Only by using such a comprehensive physical model it is possible to obtain a reliable understanding and thus to reach designs with optimum performance in a fast and efficient manner.

Keep in mind that many aspects of laser performance – for example, the power efficiency, beam quality and alignment sensitivity – are strongly influenced by details of the resonator design. Therefore, any decent laser development process must include careful work on the resonator design.

Target Groups

RP Resonator is very suitable for the following institutions:

In any case, RP Resonator will give you a substantial competitive advantage, as your work will be more effective and efficient: you will have the means to find out quickly and reliably what the properties of your resonator are and how they could be improved.

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