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RP Coating – Advanced Software for
Designing Optical Multilayer Structures

Demo File: Anti-reflection Coatings

This demo file provides a custom form with which one can easily design anti-reflection coatings. You simply enter the following in the form:

  • choice of materials (substrate and layer structure)
  • requirements: maximum three wavelength, for which the reflectance should be minimized, a bandwidth, angle of incidence and polarization
  • numerical parameters: maximum number of random trials (Monte Carlo method) etc.
form for designing anti-reflection coatings

The first diagram shows the reflection spectrum of the optimized structure:

reflectance spectrum of anti-reflection coating

A second diagram shows the reflectance as a function of wavelength and angle of incidence:

reflectance spectrum of anti-reflection coating

As we are using a custom form, both the form and the underlying calculations can be modified by the user according to specific requirements.