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RP ProPulse – Numerical Simulation of Pulse Propagation

Example Case: Higher-order Solitons

This example concerns the propagation of higher-order soliton pulses in a fiber. Such solitons do not have a constant temporal and spectral shape, but rather shapes which oscillate periodically (with the so-called soliton period).

Based on given fiber parameters (chromatic dispersion and Kerr nonlinearity), the script calculates the soliton energy for a given soliton order, which is taken to be 3 in the following. The start pulse is initialized with the shape of a fundamental soliton of that energy.

Note that a fiber piece is formally defined as an optical element of a resonator; subsequent “resonator round trips” correspond to propagation through subsequent pieces of fiber.

The temporal evolution is visualized with animated graphics. For this purpose, the script generates many graphics windows for different locations in the fiber, and their contents are then stored in a single “animated GIF” file.

temporal evolution of third-order soliton

The evolution of the temporal trace (over two soliton periods) can also be visualized with a color scale:

temporal evolution of third-order soliton

The same is done for the spectral domain:

temporal evolution of third-order soliton

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