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RP Resonator – Advanced Software for Laser Resonator Design and Optimization

ABCDEF Matrix Algorithm

The calculations in RP Resonator are based on an extended ABCDEF matrix algorithm. In contrast to the usually used ABCD matrix algorithm, this allows not only the calculation of mode radii, but also the changes of beam position resulting from the misalignment of mirrors.

It is also possible to treat wavelength-dependent refraction, for example at prisms. This occurs, for example, in resonators of mode-locked lasers, where dispersion compensation is done with a prism pair (see an example case). The software can calculate the wavelength-dependent path length and from this the resulting chromatic dispersion.

Linear and ring resonators can be treated as well as single-pass propagation, e.g. of the output beam from a laser resonator. For ring resonators, the beam path can be closed automatically, i.e., the orientation of the first and last mirror and the path length between these are computed automatically. The resulting setup can be shown graphically in order to immediately recognize possible mistakes in the inputs.

Full Parametrization

In contrast to many other programs, RP Resonator allows you to fully parametrize all resonator properties. This means that instead of using simple numbers for arm lengths, mirror radii etc., you can use mathematical expressions. In the generated graphics, you can vary any resonator properties (or combinations thereof) along the horizontal axis, or in 2D color plots. Also, any parameters can be involved in numerical optimizations.

This feature together with the powerful script language gives you an extraordinary flexibility, as you will hardly find in any other software product.

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