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Saturable Bragg Reflectors

Acronym: SBR

Definition: a special type of saturable semiconductor absorbers

Categories: photonic devices, light pulses

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A saturable Bragg reflector is a kind of semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM), consisting of a Bragg mirror structure and a saturable absorber layer incorporated into the top layers. Most SESAMs are actually of SBR type, but the more general acronym SESAM is more frequently used. It was introduced before the acronym SBR and appears to be logically more compelling, since the absorption losses of such a device are saturated, rather than the reflector.


[1]S. Tsuda et al., “Low-loss intracavity AlAs/AlGaAs saturable Bragg reflector for femtosecond mode locking in solid-state lasers”, Opt. Lett. 20 (12), 1406 (1995), doi:10.1364/OL.20.001406

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