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Secure E-mail Exchange

E-mail is a great way to exchange information easily and rapidly. However, it can also be associated with significant risks when sensitive data have to be exchanged. In the standard configuration of usual e-mail programs, the main risks are as follows:

Fortunately, there are ways to basically eliminate these hazards. Being concerned about the security of the customer's data, RP Photonics Consulting GmbH encourages customers to establish secure e-mail exchange and is prepared to assist in this process.

Establishing Secure E-Mail Exchange

The above mentioned security hazards can be quite securely eliminated in the following way:

RP Photonics is currently digitally signing all e-mails from Dr. Paschotta, and is encouraging anyone to use the certificate for sending encrypted mails to us.

How to Obtain an Own Digital Certificate

For exchange of encrypted e-mails and for sending signed e-mails, the customer will need an own digital certificate. It is advisable to get this from one of the well-known certificate authorities, because certificates issued by those are accepted by most software without first installing a certificate of the authority itself. (For example, the Windows operating system comes with a built-in list of trusted authorities.)

When you got your certificate, just sign your mails with it, and tell us that you would like to receive encrypted mails.

How to Obtain the Digital Certificate of RP Photonics Consulting GmbH

You can obtain an e-mail from RP Photonics which is signed with our certificate. Your e-mail client can then use that certificate for sending encrypted e-mails to us.

A Simple Alternative

Of course, one may exchange sensitive information simply in the form of attachments which are encrypted with some other kind of software. For example, the program VeraCrypt (a successor of the no more maintained TrueCrypt) can be used, which is available for free, simple to handle and rather secure. The key to encrypt and decrypt the information may then be agreed on e.g. on the telephone.

While this method is conceptually simple, its main disadvantage is that each message or file to be transmitted must be manually processed with this encryption software.


Further Information

It is important that customers understand the workings of secure e-mail. Further information on this topic is available via the following link: