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Services to Address Your Needs

RP Photonics Consulting offers a variety of services for different customer groups. Select your group by clicking on one of the links below:

Even if you should not belong to one of these customer groups, don't hesitate to inquire about possible services.

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Highest Professional Standards

RP Photonics Consulting works hard to consistently deliver excellent services in all respects. In particular, this includes

and leads to a very high level of customer satisfaction.

See also the pages on professional standards and on Dr. Paschotta, the founder. Many potential customers may find it useful also to read comments on some common questions and concerns.

Consulting Services – An Indispensable Business Tool

The use of technical consulting services is quite common e.g. in the United States – for good reasons. In Europe, consulting services are very routinely used e.g. for financial aspects (e.g. insurances or investments), for recruiting and controlling, whereas in the technical area there is still a tendency to muddle through without external help.

Here are some general thoughts on technical consulting:

You will recognize that competent consulting services can be used as an invaluable tool for extending and expanding your technical capabilities.