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Services for Communications and Advertising Experts


On its website, RP Photonics operates the famous RP Photonics Encyclopedia and the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide. Because the website is extremely popular, it presents very interesting advertising opportunities. In this area, we also help with competent advice.

Advertising materials such as brochures, websites, etc. must make a good optical impression, but also must be able to stand the test for the soundness of all technical details. In the case of any doubts, let an experienced expert ensure that you deliver materials which are rock-solid. Keep in mind that a fresh look from a different perspective can often broaden the viewpoint and help increasing the effectiveness of advertising materials.

Web Publishing

Dr. Paschotta has a thorough understanding of how to publish material on the Internet. His experience includes clear structuring of information, extracting points of highest importance, explaining complicated details in an understandable way, and making sure that Internet search engines properly treat the content.

Technical Documentation

When preparing technical documentation for your customer, you may get into areas outside the center of your technical know-how, or may just run out of time. In such situations, consider to pull in extra help from RP Photonics.