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Single-mode Operation

Definition: operation of a laser on axial (longitudinal) resonator modes only, or even on a single axial mode

German: einmodiger Betrieb

Category: lasers

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The term single-mode operation, which usually applies to lasers, is ambiguous, as it is used with different meanings:

spectra of laser emission
Figure 1: Emission spectra of lasers with single-mode emission (top), multiple axial mode (but single transverse mode) emission (middle), and full multimode emission (bottom).

The number and type of oscillating resonator modes in a laser depends on the circumstances:

Single-frequency operation is usually more difficult to achieve than just single-transverse-mode operation, because it is not sufficient to introduce spatially varying loss or gain. Factors which make it more challenging are all those reducing the mode competition, e.g. inhomogeneous saturation via spatial hole burning.

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