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Privacy-friendly Social Media Buttons

At various places on our website, we use colored buttons which allow users to share found content on social media portals like LinkedIn. (We are no more on Facebook and Twitter.) Of course, we are pleased if this opportunity is used.

This sharing button is implemented in a privacy-friendly way!

On many other websites, such buttons are inserted using code delivered by those portals. Unfortunately, such code is usually not privacy-friendly at all: when a page on such a website is visited, data are sent to those portals, without the users having agreed to such data transfer layers or even knowing about it – notably even if they do not use those buttons or have accounts with those social media services.

For RP Photonics, such practices are completely unacceptable. Therefore, we have implemented a privacy-friendly solution which was inspired by the project Shariff from the German publisher Heise-Verlag. With that, data are transferred only when this is obviously necessary – namely when you click on such a button.

Generally, we take any precautions to prevent the tracking of users by third parties. For example, we do not cooperate with any advertising networks (which usually demand the use of tracking code) and also do not use Google Analytics. We ourselves anyway don't undertake any attempts to track users of our website; we only gather anonymous statistical information. For additional details, see our page on privacy.

We are happy to tell you that you can always use our website without any concern – also in a completely anonymous way.