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powerful tools for efficient laser development and laser science
This page gives you an overview on our software products.
RP Fiber Calculator is a convenient tool for calculations on optical fibers.
RP Fiber Power is an extremely flexible tool for designing and optimizing fiber devices.
RP Resonator is a particularly flexible tool for laser resonator design.
RP ProPulse can simulate the pulse evolution e.g. in mode-locked lasers and sync-pumped OPOs.
RP Coating is a particularly flexible design tool for dielectric multilayer systems.
RP Q-switch can simulate the power evolution in Q-switched lasers.
Most of our software products support a powerful script language, which gives you an extraordinary degree of flexibility.
Here you learn about software license conditions, updates and upgrades, etc.
Competent technical support is a key quality associated with software from RP Photonics.
RP Photonics has distributors in various countries.
The RP Photonics Software News keep you updated on our developments and give the users additional interesting hints.
Here you can make inquiries e.g. concerning technical details, prices and quotations.
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News on Software from RP Photonics

Here we publish (roughly once per month) news and useful hints on software – for example, about the use and application of our software products, new features, updates and upgrades, and on algorithms. We do this in the form of a blog, which we try to make informative and useful.

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2018-04-20How to Treat Thermal Lensing in Simulations
2018-03-19Various Improvements for the Simulation Software RP Fiber Power
2018-02-22Modeling Pair-induced Quenching in Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers
2018-01-19Making Color Plots
2017-11-17Modeling Multi-Stage Amplifiers with RP Fiber Power
2017-10-23Self Starting of Passively Mode-locked Lasers: Difficult to Model
2017-09-22Pulse Amplification in the Steady State
2017-08-18How to Efficiently Track Down Numerical Problems
2017-07-13New Editor Features: Syntax Highlighting, Parameter Help, Syntax Checking, Automatic Code Reformatting
2017-05-31A Powerful Debugger and Further New Software Features
2017-04-26How to Calculate Misalignment Effects in Laser Resonators
2017-03-28At which Wavelength will a Laser Emit?
2017-03-01Stimulated Raman Scattering in Beam Propagation Calculations
2017-01-19Character Encodings: a Useful Overview and New Features for Software of RP Photonics
2016-12-21Laser Simulations which Do Not Work
2016-11-17Convenient New Feature: Execute Post-Scripts after Your Main Script
2016-09-27Transverse Dependencies in Fiber Amplifier and Laser Modeling
2016-08-29Some Handy Software Tools
2016-07-22Ultrashort Pulse Simulations with RP Fiber Power
2016-06-21New Feature: Code Snippets Library
2016-05-27How to Export Data From Our Software
2016-04-12Fiber Laser Model with More Than One Active Fiber
2016-03-0964-bit Versions for Any Customer
2016-02-12Commercial and Non-commercial Licenses for RP Software
2015-12-10Custom Forms in RP Resonator and RP Coating
2015-10-31The Powerful Expression Engine in Software from RP Photonics
2015-10-01Making Plots With a Variation of Operation or System Parameters
2015-08-20Reasons for Not Engaging in Computer Modeling of Laser Devices
2015-07-13Regular Expressions – a Powerful Mechanism for Search & Replace Operations and Input Validation
2015-06-01The Transparent Laser
2015-04-29RP Fiber Power V6: Custom Forms, Tailored to Specific Applications
2015-03-23Power Propagation vs. Beam Propagation
2015-02-18Temporally Limited Licenses for RP Software
2015-01-26Using Software Requires Trust – More Than You Might Think
2014-11-24Some Tips Concerning the Script Language of RP Software
2014-10-20Typical Limitations of Numerical Modeling
2014-09-1064-bit Versions of RP Software
2014-07-17What Makes a Good Physics Model
2014-06-11RP Fiber Calculator PRO is Finished!
2014-03-18A New Fiber Optics Software – Free to Use!
2013-12-12How to Move a Software License to a New PC
2013-10-21New Video for the RP Fiber Power Software; Free Updates
2013-10-02How Mathematical Expressions are Treated in the Script Language of RP Photonics Software
2013-09-02RP Fiber Power V5: Numerical Beam Propagation
2013-06-28Updates for RP Software
2013-06-13Validating Numerical Simulation Software