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New Video for the RP Fiber Power Software; Free Updates

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

Just a few short notices today:

  • We have published a new video, which gives a tour through all essential features of the RP Fiber Power V5 software. This should be interesting for everyone considering to buy some simulation software for fiber optics – be it for passive or for active fiber devices. To see the video, follow this link: video/quick_tour/quick_tour.html.
  • Those who already have the older version V4, and could thus have an upgrade, may also (or instead) want to look at the demo video on numerical beam propagation, which is the new feature. Note also that there are several new case studies made with the software, and two new comprehensive fiber optics tutorials for which RP Fiber Power has been used extensively.
  • Customers having RP Fiber Power V4 or earlier can get free updates for their versions. Among other small improvements, there are now a much nicer forms for the optical channels, which also allow one to define parasitic losses at the fiber ends. (If you want that update, just tell us!) Here is a screen shot:
interactive form for describing optical channels in RP Fiber Power
  • I just discovered a bug in our newsletter software settings: the previous instances of this newsletter were send to the subscribers of the Photonics Spotlight newsletter instead of the subscribers for the RP Photonics Software News! I am really sorry for that. Those subscribers who do not receive the Photonics Spotlight newsletter, and therefore missed the previous postings, may read these on our website.

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