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Temporally Limited Licenses for RP Software

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

RP Photonics has so far always sold permanent software licenses: you pay a license fee once and can use the software forever. This is usually a good solution for users, but in some cases it may not fit. For example, you may have a project over six months, and need the software only during that time. In other cases, someone may currently only have a quite limited amount of money, which is not sufficient for buying a permanent license.

Therefore, we have now started to offer temporally limited licenses as an alternative. You may “rent” the software for any number of months and pay just 5% of the sum for a permanent license per month. (If you commit to at least six months, it is 4% per month.)

Many users may later on wish to switch over to a permanent license. We offer very fair conditions for that. If you make that decision before the end of an uninterrupted license period, the already paid amount of money will be fully deducted from the price of the permanent license. If you make that decision only later on (after an interruption), still two thirds are deducted.

The new offer will also be attractive for those people who feel that they need to test the software very thoroughly before committing to it definitely. These can now just buy a license for one or two months. If they are then convinced, they can switch over to the permanent license without losing any money. In the unlikely case that it doesn't work out for them, they have spent only 5 or 10% of the full sum.

Concerning technical support, we offer half an hour per month. Of course, you can use up the full support time in the first month if you rent the software for several months. Besides, you can always buy additional support hours as needed.

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