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Technical Support for Software from RP Photonics

RĂ¼diger Paschotta

When using software for complex tasks, a competent and helpful technical support is essential. RP Photonics takes this very serious: the support is always given by Dr. Paschotta himself,

You may, for example, get detailed advice concerning what approach is most practical for a certain type of calculation. Also, you can send some portions of script code via e-mail and receive corrected code for doing certain things.

RP Photonics also has very handy software for remote support, where you can give Dr. Paschotta access to your screen via the Internet and watch how he fixes problems on your PC.

A specialty: the support can not only be used for directly software-specific issues, but also for related technical and scientific questions! In effect, this means that some number of technical consulting hours are included in the license fee. For commercial licenses, these are eight hours, and for non-commercial licenses four hours.

In case that you run out of your included support time, you can of course obtain additional support, with payment based on an hourly rate. Nearly all customers, however, do not need that.