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CSRayzer Optical Technology

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Specialist in Special Optical Devices

CSRayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd
1F, 2F, 6F, No. 5 Bldg, 88#
Hongshan District
Wuhan 430074
Tel.:+86 177 0713 5527
Website:web link csrayzer.cn
Social media:

Sponsor Statement

In the current period of the epidemic or in the long days after the epidemic, we are very pleased in China to provide all optical devices with our sufficient resources, flexible production capacity, and very competitive prices, which is useful for so many professionals all over the world.

Company Description

CSRayzer Optical Technology, becomes one of the leading Optical Devices manufacturers by aiming for, and consistently delivering high-end specification products.

Established in 2013, the headquarter located at Wuhan Hubei Province, CSRayzer has several branch companies and workshops. The product application areas are concentrated in ultrafast fiber laser system, fiber sensing system such as DAS/DVS, border security and seabed detection, fiber optic gyroscopes, LIDAR for wind or distance measurement, aerospace and defense and other fields.

With our own design and production capability, CSRAYZER produces a large and complete range of photonic and optical devices, to be one-stop supplier. The products include Acousto-Optic Modulators, Optical Faraday Rotators & Isolators, Fiber Optic Components, MEMS VOA and Optical Switch, Laser Diodes and Photodiodes, APD, SLD, Fiber Coils, ASE, EDFA and other optical Amplifier and modules.

Besides certified by ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 / 45001:2018 Management Systems, some of our products has passed high standard tests, such as Lifetime ESS Test over temperature, Vibration / Mechanical Shock, Product Reliability Test, Radiation Resistance test etc.

CSRayzer Optical Technology

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Star product: Acousto-optic modulator / frequency shifter.

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Product Information

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