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Light Conversion

Light Conversion acts as a Silver Sponsor of the RP Photonics Encyclopedia. You are seeing their sponsor profile page; see also their supplier profile.

Do you have a femtosecond?

Light Conversion, UAB
Keramiku 2B
10233 Vilnius

Tel.:+370 52 49 18 30
Website:web link lightcon.com
Social media:
Quality certification:ISO 9001:2015

Sponsor Statement

Light Conversion acknowledges the high importance of the RP Photonics Encyclopedia to the photonics sector and thus happily contributes as a sponsor.

Company Description

LIGHT CONVERSION, founded in 1994 with roots at the Vilnius University Laser Research Center, is a pioneer in femtosecond OPAs and Yb-based femtosecond laser sources. Currently, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of femtosecond lasers.

With proven competence in laser design and manufacturing, state-of-the-art R & D facilities, and close ties to research programs, LIGHT CONVERSION offers unique solutions for today’s industrial, scientific, and medical challenges. The reliability of our femtosecond lasers has been proven by hundreds of systems operating 24/7 for more than 10 years in the industrial market. Using our knowledge, experience, and highly motivated professional team, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Light Conversion

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star product

Star product: The femtosecond laser CARBIDE and industrial-grade optical parametric amplifier I-OPA are recognized among the best by the 2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards.

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Product Information

Light Conversion is listed as a supplier in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide with 14 registered products. See the supplier profile for details.


The CARBIDE femtosecond laser

promotion of Light Conversion
promotion of Light Conversion