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Dr. Volker Raab und
Dr. Corinna Raab GbR
Amundsenstr. 10
14469 Potsdam

Tel.:+49 331 5 83 99 12
Website:web link optikexpertisen.de/en/competences

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For expert-knowledge on lasers and photonics beyond text-book descriptions, for me the *RP Photonics Encyclopedia* is the place on the web. It is well sorted, well founded, extensive, and gives lots of further references. I am using it frequently and I am happy to help making this knowledge accessible to everyone interested in the key technology of optics.

Company Description

Volker Raab

Optikexpertisen is a spin-off from Potsdam University in 2006. It offers various services in optical technologies in both theory and experiment and has completed around 70 projects since with clients from self-employed to global players in DE, FR, ES, CH, GB.

Both measurements and simulations are offered through our own optical laboratories with various equipment and technologies. Where special equipment is necessary, our network with universities, institutions, and partners can often help out.

Our core competences are novel methods and technologies for an improved power density of highly efficient diode lasers, particularly spectral multiplexing. Other recent projects were about fibercouping, astigmatic beam shaping, medical diagnostics, spectroscopy, laser material processing, process analysis and many more.

Tell us about your needs to improve or trouble-shoot your existing systems – confidentiality is guaranteed. The first discussion and feasibility estimate will be free of charge.

star product

Star product: Compact direct diode laser system at 976 nm with 1 kW of unpolarized or 800 W of polarized output power.

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