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Stuttgart Instruments

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Fully automated ultrafast tunable laser systems

SI Stuttgart Instruments GmbH
Curiestraße 2
70563 Stuttgart
Tel.:+49 711 3420325 0
Website:web link www.s-instruments.de
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Company Description

Stuttgart Instruments is a high-tech company from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, specializing in high-performance infrared lasers for spectroscopic applications. At the end of 2017, Stuttgart Instruments was created on the basis of renowned research work at the University of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Instruments is specializing in the field of widely tunable and fully automated high-performance infrared laser sources. The systems can cover a spectral range from 700 nm to 20 µm wavelengths, while maintaining high output power at Milliwatt to Watt-levels. Femto- to picosecond pulses at several MHz pulse repetition rates can be provided and the lasers are characterized by outstanding low noise and passive long-term stability. They are therefore particularly suited for spectroscopic applications requiring high sensitivity and specificity. Multiple systems are already in use at universities and research facilities around the world and have made numerous new scientific papers possible, e.g. in the fields of SNOM and FTIR spectroscopy or hyperspectral imaging.

Stuttgart Instruments

Star product: The Stuttgart Instruments Alpha system is a fully-automated, ultrafast and modular laser system reaching a tuning range from 700 nm to 20 µm at milliwatt- to watt-level output.

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