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The Photonics Spotlight

Why the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology is Successful

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

I am sometimes asked how I managed to make the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology so successful within a short time. In particular, people are puzzled about

For a small company, it is indeed rather unusual to acquire such a dominating position in the whole Internet for a significant range of subjects. So people ask, is there any trick behind this success? I am happy to reveal the used methods:

So there is no trick. It is all just the result of hard work, knowledge and experience. Anyone who can bring in these factors can run a very successful website, whether a large or small company (or no company at all) is behind. It is definitely not a matter of a large marketing budget – my one is tiny indeed, at least in financial terms.

As a final comment, laser companies and alike may often not have the ambition to dominate the Internet for some range of topics, since they figure that the effort would be too large. However, a little more care would often help. I often see sites which are graphically quite nice but contain many mistakes which result in unnecessarily poor performance in terms of search engine ranking. At the same time, they create doubts particularly with the more experienced visitors, e.g. through unclear or even non-sensible product specifications. Occasionally, people accept my offer to work through their website (or parts thereof) in order to suggest or implement some changes which effectively increase the success. (Note that a pure marketing or computer expert would not be able to identify all essential search terms and improve the product specifications.) But again, there are no tricks which can replace decent content.

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