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Posted on 2016-02-26 as part of the Photonics Spotlight (available as e-mail newsletter!)

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Author: Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, RP Photonics AG, RP Photonics AG

Abstract: Recently, a number of new articles have been added to the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology. This is also useful for both users of the RP Photonics Buyers Guide and for suppliers.

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

In the last few years, not many new articles were added to the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology; most of the work was done before be published the print version in 2008. Recently, however, I have started writing some additional articles; the most recent ones are:

The idea is not only to cover some modern topics, but preferentially topics which are of interest for many people. Especially where we have certain products registered in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, but do not yet have an encyclopedia article on it, I perceive this as a gap which should be closed. After all, it is always nice if someone searching for suppliers can also obtain directly related technical information – this is one of the unique advantages of our buyer's guide. (Which other buyer's guide offers that?) For suppliers, this is also very interesting because there is the option to have product information appearing not only in the supplier listing, but also in the related encyclopedia article (using a so-called enhanced product entry).

Of course, writing such articles means a lot of work, and therefore I cannot do everything which would be nice to have.

Maybe you have suggestions for further topics to be treated? You are always welcome to send your feedback!

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