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New Information Channel of RP Photonics: the RP Photonics Marketing News

Posted on 2020-09-18 as part of the Photonics Spotlight (available as e-mail newsletter!)

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Author: Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, RP Photonics AG, RP Photonics AG

Abstract: RP Photonics has started to offer another blog, distributed as a newsletter: the RP Photonics Marketing News. Marketing-related information will now be found there, while the Photonics Spotlight will focus on scientific and technical matters.

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta

For many years, RP Photonics has delivered two different blogs distributed as newsletters: the Photonics Spotlight and the RP Photonics Software News. Now we have introduced a third one: the RP Photonics Marketing News.

Occasionally, I have covered marketing topics in the Photonics Spotlight, but that channel will in the future concentrate on technical and scientific issues. So everybody interested in aspects of digital marketing in photonics is encouraged to subscribe to that other newsletter as well – you can simply do that on our overview page on newsletters. The mailings will not be very frequent, so you will surely not be flooded with mails. You will mainly receive the following type of information:

  • updates on RP Photonics Marketing solutions (mainly the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide): for example, new features and discounts
  • general insight into digital photonics marketing

For the latter, I also recommend having a look at our comprehensive online information on marketing. We present detailed insight into many different digital marketing tools and also provide elements of basic understanding, for example with our photonics marketing glossary.

If you are a technical person, please consider to inform your colleagues in the marketing department. It can be very helpful if technical people, fully understanding the importance of our website, witness that to their marketing colleagues, who often find it more difficult to recognize which online resources their target audience really uses.

Note that photonics marketing has become the most important business area of RP Photonics – already generating similar turnover as software license sales (the so far dominant activity), but growing faster. We have just realized years ago that with our incredibly popular website we can generate huge benefits in this area as well.

In the area of marketing, the same guiding principles of RP Photonics are observed as in the scientific and technical area:

  • We continuously invest a lot into supporting the whole photonics community (primarily with RP Photonics Encyclopedia). Although that does not directly generate any revenue for us, it has built a very firm base for all the activities of RP Photonics: numerous professionals regularly use our content, enjoy the high quality and trust us in other ways as well (e.g. concerning our general fairness and reliability, value for money of our offers, respecting user privacy, etc.).
  • We communicate very clearly and honestly. For example, we present clear and reliable traffic data, tell you exactly what you can achieve with our ad package and do not promise unrealistic things (e.g., an SEO effect of buyer's guide entries).
  • We give diligent support, making sure that customers can realize the full value of our marketing tools.
  • Generally, we do not go for quick revenue generation, but for generating the best possible long-term benefits. We trust that by being useful for many others we can strive ourselves – which history has so far confirmed very much.

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