The Company … competent, helpful and trustworthy

Commitment to Highest Professional Standards

RP Photonics works very hard to provide excellent services in all respects. Customers can always rely on the compliance with highest professional standards:

  • Fair, honest and consistently reliable treatment of all business partners, aiming at fruitful long-term relations
  • Documentation of all work in high quality consulting reports:
    • Highly reliable results, based on the expertise from many years of top-level scientific research and interaction with industry
    • Precise and understandable descriptions of investigated scenario, assumptions, used methods, and results
  • All technical work is done by the founder, Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, himself, in order to guarantee highest quality.
  • Timely delivery of results; no unrealistic promises concerning time or depth of available expertise are made.
  • Very high level of flexibility. What makes sense, can be done – whether it is the usual way or not.
  • All work is entirely directed towards the customer's goals, as carefully evaluated in the beginning and constantly monitored by the customer in an interactive process. Pragmatic, cost-efficient solutions are suggested to the customer.
  • The customer's information is carefully protected. If required by the customer, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be signed, but even without that, all proprietary information is regarded as confidential unless the release is explicitly permitted in writing. Even the fact of cooperation is normally regarded as confidential. Sensitive electronic data are protected with great care (with secure password encryption, safe deletion, secure e-mail exchange, etc.).
  • RP Photonics is determined to give reliable, independent and impartial advice. Should there ever be a potential conflict of interest, e.g. arising from work for another customer, this will be clearly communicated while carefully protecting the confidentiality for all involved parties.
  • RP Photonics is strongly determined not to pursue or support any unethical professional conduct.

Try it out: the first small project will already show you the high quality of the services of RP Photonics, concerning technical and all non-technical aspects.