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Areas of Competence

These are just the main areas of competence. Do not hesitate to inquire about other fields. You will get an honest statement concerning the level of competence in the requested field.


Since his youth, Dr. Paschotta has intensively dealt with energy matters and acquired a detailed expertise. His main topics are energy efficiency and renewable energy – not only in the area of photonics.

The available competence on energy matters is demonstrated by various activities:

  • Dr. Paschotta has published the RP-Energie-Lexikon (in German), a comprehensive open-access resource on energy matters.
  • He has acted as member of the foundation council of the Schweizerische Energie­stiftung (Swiss Energy Foundation, SES) from 2001 to 2009.
  • In 2010, he planned the measures for comprehensive energy improvements of his house and managed to reduce the natural gas consumption by over 70%.

Dr. Paschotta offers various services such as

  • analysis and optimization of projects for utilizing new energy sources or increasing energy efficiency
  • analysis of new technologies in terms of feasibility, effectiveness and economic aspects
  • evaluation of political and administrative measures
  • training courses

Dr. Paschotta's motivation for activities in the energy sector is essentially not an economic one, but to contribute to sensible solutions in this area of very high importance for mankind.

More details (only in German) are available on the energy website.