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Areas of Competence

These are just the main areas of competence. Do not hesitate to inquire about other fields. You will get an honest statement concerning the level of competence in the requested field.

Lasers and Amplifiers

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta has an extensive and very deep expertise on lasers. This is demonstrated by his scientific publications and by the RP Photonics Encyclopedia. You will hardly find a better consultant e.g. for the design of diode-pumped lasers, for advice on any details of ultrashort pulse generation with mode locking or on laser noise, for advanced laser resonator designs, or for the analysis and optimization of fiber amplifiers. RP Photonics is also selling user licenses for various simulation software packages, developed in house:

  • RP Resonator for advanced laser resonator design
  • RP Fiber Power for fiber amplifiers and lasers
  • RP ProPulse for simulating the pulse formation in mode-locked fiber lasers and other devices