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Country-specific Supplier Listings

Our buyer's guide presents listings of suppliers for many different products in the area of photonics. Since October 2017, the listing of all suppliers can be split into up to three sections:

  • the suppliers in your own country
  • suppliers outside your country, but on the same continent
  • suppliers in other countries

We think that this feature is quite useful for many users, who are most interested in suppliers close to their location.

We determine the country of the user from the IP address of his or her computer. For that, we use a database on our server. Respecting your privacy, we do not send your IP address to any third party, nor do we store it. For our server statistics, for each page view we only store a hash value based on the anonymized IP address, the user agent string, and the country.

In your case, the country code was found to be US.

If you are using a VPN connection to a server in a different country, our system will assume that country to be yours, and will therefore possibly deliver a non-ideal sort order of the supplier listings.

For more details, see our page on data privacy.